Photography and Charcoal

So today was spent photographing a large pile of past artwork, putting it all back in the folders and stashing it away in the attic. I know have a bunch more to be getting on with, in time that too shall be stashed away to. In photographing stuff, I can play around on the laptopContinue reading “Photography and Charcoal”

Stuck in a rut

These last couple of days have been spent in a bit of an artistic flux. I have been feeling rather unwell, (imbalance at the Solar Plexus Chakra) if you are of a new age persuasion and have been feeling rather down and grumpy too, this has resulted in calling a lot of things into question,Continue reading “Stuck in a rut”


Yesterday I wrote on the theory of practice making perfect, in relation to painting and the building of websites. Painting is fine, I enjoy that. Websites no. Doing them is currently driving me up the wall and making me want to drink. The problem is exacerbated, by having a severely bruised Mousing arm right now,Continue reading “WEBSITES, PAINTING AND FOOD”

Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday was spent swearing, shouting and almost throwing stuff out of the window. Oh the joys of doing a load of work and discovering its for naught, or finding that one forgot to push the magical update button. Sometimes I love building and adapting websites, yesterday I blooming hated it. Despite my inept website buildingContinue reading “Practice Makes Perfect”