The Nose (Annoying Body Parts 1)

What are those things you detest in having to draw, paint or otherwise render onto your chosen medium? For me it is the nose, nothing irritates me more, than that bony gristly thing, with two holes in the end. That invariably ends up, in almost every portrait, I try to produce be it abstract orContinue reading “The Nose (Annoying Body Parts 1)”

Today I bought a bunch of art supplies

Today we went shopping, I bought my wife some bits and bobs and she waited patiently in the car. we then went grocery shopping and she sat in the car some more. Got home, carried it all into the house, put it away and ate lunch. I then found myself buying a load of stuffContinue reading “Today I bought a bunch of art supplies”

Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday was spent swearing, shouting and almost throwing stuff out of the window. Oh the joys of doing a load of work and discovering its for naught, or finding that one forgot to push the magical update button. Sometimes I love building and adapting websites, yesterday I blooming hated it. Despite my inept website buildingContinue reading “Practice Makes Perfect”

By Way Of Introduction

By way of introduction I am an artist, some people have described my work as mixed media contemporary, others have said Terrible. I shall leave you the viewer to think of anything else. I work in a variety of media and have developed a reference for oils, though waiting for them to dry is overlyContinue reading “By Way Of Introduction”