Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday was spent swearing, shouting and almost throwing stuff out of the window. Oh the joys of doing a load of work and discovering its for naught, or finding that one forgot to push the magical update button. Sometimes I love building and adapting websites, yesterday I blooming hated it. Despite my inept website buildingContinue reading “Practice Makes Perfect”

Religious Art part one

A couple of days ago, I went rummaging through a hard drive and was annoyed to find a bunch of artwork photos, were not where I thought they might be. I now think they are probably located in the PC tower, which resides in the cupboard and as a result of this thinking, I grabbedContinue reading “Religious Art part one”

Politics, Religion and Porn

Whereas the blog on the other site seemed to encompass a wide range of subjects, it is my aim to keep this one more art focussed and dwelling less in the real of politics, religion and that kind of stuff. being an artist, that is probably quite a tall order especially as quite a lotContinue reading “Politics, Religion and Porn”

By Way Of Introduction

By way of introduction I am an artist, some people have described my work as mixed media contemporary, others have said Terrible. I shall leave you the viewer to think of anything else. I work in a variety of media and have developed a reference for oils, though waiting for them to dry is overlyContinue reading “By Way Of Introduction”