This is not about Dirty Harry

A little while ago, I wrote about the nose being an awkward and often time annoying part of the anatomy, to draw or otherwise render into anything realistic. Suffice to say, I have had plenty of practice since that time and the time honoured methods and approach, still do not meld and I have sinceContinue reading “This is not about Dirty Harry”

Recycled,Reused and Repurposed

The creative juices have been flowing these pat few days, what with getting down sketches of new ideas. Through to working on some existing stuff and repurposing some old material, for that I am using some left over house paint. Getting rid of old stuff is fun, except here the old rubbish has been madeContinue reading “Recycled,Reused and Repurposed”

Oil paint and Landscapes. (for want of a better title)

One thing about Oil paint is, it can take an age to dry and that is just the preliminary layer. This compels the artist either to sit around twiddling his/her thumbs or get on and start other ideas that are floating around in their heads. In the meantime it is simply a matter of whereContinue reading “Oil paint and Landscapes. (for want of a better title)”

The Nose (Annoying Body Parts 1)

What are those things you detest in having to draw, paint or otherwise render onto your chosen medium? For me it is the nose, nothing irritates me more, than that bony gristly thing, with two holes in the end. That invariably ends up, in almost every portrait, I try to produce be it abstract orContinue reading “The Nose (Annoying Body Parts 1)”

Today I bought a bunch of art supplies

Today we went shopping, I bought my wife some bits and bobs and she waited patiently in the car. we then went grocery shopping and she sat in the car some more. Got home, carried it all into the house, put it away and ate lunch. I then found myself buying a load of stuffContinue reading “Today I bought a bunch of art supplies”

Photography and Charcoal

So today was spent photographing a large pile of past artwork, putting it all back in the folders and stashing it away in the attic. I know have a bunch more to be getting on with, in time that too shall be stashed away to. In photographing stuff, I can play around on the laptopContinue reading “Photography and Charcoal”

Stuck in a rut

These last couple of days have been spent in a bit of an artistic flux. I have been feeling rather unwell, (imbalance at the Solar Plexus Chakra) if you are of a new age persuasion and have been feeling rather down and grumpy too, this has resulted in calling a lot of things into question,Continue reading “Stuck in a rut”


Yesterday I wrote on the theory of practice making perfect, in relation to painting and the building of websites. Painting is fine, I enjoy that. Websites no. Doing them is currently driving me up the wall and making me want to drink. The problem is exacerbated, by having a severely bruised Mousing arm right now,Continue reading “WEBSITES, PAINTING AND FOOD”