Recycled,Reused and Repurposed

The creative juices have been flowing these pat few days, what with getting down sketches of new ideas. Through to working on some existing stuff and repurposing some old material, for that I am using some left over house paint. Getting rid of old stuff is fun, except here the old rubbish has been made new. It has been recycled. Recycling is good fun, not only have I rescued old canvas’, I have created better and more meaningful pieces of work in their stead. old, clogged up paint brushes got a dip in some paint stripper, they are new again.

As mentioned, new ideas have been flowing in abundance these last few days. Most of them are currently in a sketch book, waiting for paint to dry or requiring their creator to learn a new skill. Luckily this whole Covid thing, has meant more time at home and more time to learn stuff. I also ought to do some more self promotion, Getting work onto websites and that sort of thing. After all, nobody else is going to do it for me. (quietly adds new skill to CV) The rest of today, the sun is now shining. Shall probably be spent drawing out more new ideas, painting up some existing ones and posting stuff on social media. If you use IG, you can find my page here likewise if you use FB .

Putting those two links in, saves me having to upload anything much this time around. I apologise for being lazy, but I really must go and get some drawing done.

Published by Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Artist, gardener, Karateka, university undergrad. student, employee, dare I say it writer..? I was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD earlier this year. At times life can be quite interesting. I write on several things and used to believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order and secret Govt. agenda's. I now study more interesting subjects.

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