Oil paint and Landscapes. (for want of a better title)

One thing about Oil paint is, it can take an age to dry and that is just the preliminary layer. This compels the artist either to sit around twiddling his/her thumbs or get on and start other ideas that are floating around in their heads. In the meantime it is simply a matter of where to put stuff that is in the process of drying out. This last bit can cause all sorts of fun and games, especially when you have used all the space available to you. Painting less is an option, as is using a different medium. Maybe one ought just draw, get out some new ideas and let that paint dry.

Somewhere in NY state Nr. Ithaca.

Most of if not all of my landscape work has been done from postcards. It is about time, I got out and did something En Plein Air. Spending an afternoon in the countryside, painting sounds rather fun. ideally I would like one of those little fold away easels, which you can hide your paint and things in underneath. Vale of White Horse and Uffington Down in Oxfordshire are nice

Uffington Castle - White Horse and Dragon Hill | English Heritage

This is just one shot of the area, I have spent time painting here before and it is even better with good company and warm weather. After all the hard work of painting, there is a pleasant pub down the road. They serve a nice pint and a meal there and well worth a visit.

In the meantime, relax, enjoy and don’t worry about the noise on the TV,. You will rest better and learn more if you turn it off and read a book instead

Published by Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Artist, gardener, Karateka, university undergrad. student, employee, dare I say it writer..? I was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD earlier this year. At times life can be quite interesting. I write on several things and used to believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order and secret Govt. agenda's. I now study more interesting subjects.

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