The Nose (Annoying Body Parts 1)

What are those things you detest in having to draw, paint or otherwise render onto your chosen medium? For me it is the nose, nothing irritates me more, than that bony gristly thing, with two holes in the end. That invariably ends up, in almost every portrait, I try to produce be it abstract or otherwise. Hands also can prove to be problematic, why were they designed with so many lumps and bumps about them? Clearly the Creator if there is one, was no friend of the artist, choosing to make our lives harder than needs be.

Fiona B

You will see that Fiona here, does not possess a nose, lucky her. It just was not happening that day, to have added anything remotely nasal would have ruined the effect, though I may of course be totally wrong, in my surmising.

At one point, it was satisfactory to just ignore the wretched thing, after all how much misery does it cause? What with hair sprouting out of it and falling off (Almost) with the onset of any kind of cold. You can trust me when I say, I have read and practiced a thousand methods of drawing this piece of anatomy and none of it has worked. I have a suspicion, my pencil or brush may be faulty, but that is unlikely. So instead I have adopted my own method, it is easier, it works and that is what is important here.


Jackies nose is represented by two black dots, you see she complained so I obliged her with at least a pair of nostrils. This painting was completed before that of Fiona, and at least provides a history of sorts in nasal evolution. Dot nostrils are very easy to paint, but most not be allowed to get to big or they look like caves, which may harbour all many of unpleasantness.


Bob on the other hand has no dark caverns, he has an obtuse triangular affair. but it is representative of what it is and recognizable as something anatomical. Emily on the other hand, does have a nose, though I am not sure if she would be happy to have one, as it is represented here.


Published by Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Artist, gardener, Karateka, university undergrad. student, employee, dare I say it writer..? I was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD earlier this year. At times life can be quite interesting. I write on several things and used to believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order and secret Govt. agenda's. I now study more interesting subjects.

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