Yesterday I wrote on the theory of practice making perfect, in relation to painting and the building of websites. Painting is fine, I enjoy that. Websites no. Doing them is currently driving me up the wall and making me want to drink. The problem is exacerbated, by having a severely bruised Mousing arm right now, resulting in having to use my non dominant limb for a multitude of tasks. The result of which is I have changed the website yet again and removed a page that started to incur my displeasure. I like the new background, it is easier on the eyes and deeper, more meaningful.

Other news, I started on a portrait of Roger Waters, Pink Floyds former bassist and principal song writer last night, I had to keep starting over and was about to give up, then I turned the canvas over and it is coming along fine. I shall go paint some more in a little while, but I really must eat first. I shall be posting the end result of my creative endeavours as soon as it is practicable. ( And complete)

Published by Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Artist, gardener, Karateka, university undergrad. student, employee, dare I say it writer..? I was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD earlier this year. At times life can be quite interesting. I write on several things and used to believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order and secret Govt. agenda's. I now study more interesting subjects.

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