By Way Of Introduction


By way of introduction I am an artist, some people have described my work as mixed media contemporary, others have said Terrible. I shall leave you the viewer to think of anything else.

I work in a variety of media and have developed a reference for oils, though waiting for them to dry is overly tiresome, especially when there is limited space to put things when they are still sticky. In this respect, acrylics are much easier in any number of ways. Collage has featured strongly in my work from the beginning, there is something very satisfying about recycling all that newsprint and cutting up old magazines. Pastels and Charcoal… Must do lots more soon.

From time to time I find myself exhibiting at local art shows, sometimes further afield, these days however university studies seem to be getting in the way of such adventures.

Published by Peter Craig-Mcfeely

Artist, gardener, Karateka, university undergrad. student, employee, dare I say it writer..? I was diagnosed with Autism/ADHD earlier this year. At times life can be quite interesting. I write on several things and used to believe in conspiracy theories, the New World Order and secret Govt. agenda's. I now study more interesting subjects.

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